Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Road trip to arizona

Last weekend me and my girlfriend mamma Jen took a road trip out to Phoenix Arizona so i could pick up a pan/shovel motor. 375 miles of boring desert driving and a few mishaps along the way made for a good trip we got 66.6 miles (no Joke) before we got into phoenix and my left front tire blew up, so we pulled over and put the spare on once i dropped the shitty car jack my spare was flat to, i was pissed so we called triple A and waited 2 hours for them to come save us and put air in my tire after waiting and waiting we decided to call triple A and to our dismay the operator Cunt said well we are are sorry to inform you that no one is on the way so we waited for no fucking reason then they called us back 20 minutes later and said someone is coming and it will be 60 minutes or less so i checked the spare and it had enough air for me to drive in the shoulder 5 miles an hour to the closest gas station that was 7.9 miles away finally got to the gas station filled up my tire and off we went!!

The motor...
The desert is boring and Downtown Phoenix is ghetto

Sweet little old VW trike at the gas station where i filled up my spare tire that belonged to this rad old dude and some weird kid in a sonic the hedgehog shirt

Mamma Jen and i at the botanical gardens in Arizona it is nothing but cactus and heat

Arizona desert

Sorry the trip wasn't that exciting
i didn't even see one UFO

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