Sunday, November 6, 2011

"smoke stack lightning"

while i have only one bike,i'm trying to put ALL the elements i dig into one scene. The fuck up factor is a major thing,i don't wanna end up with some over done deal with a 100 fuckin things goin on. i want minimal.... i want business and purpose...and i want pleasure.
i want the best of both worlds,yes..seemingly a impossible feat,i think it can be "almost" done.
while the "peacock" version was rad... it wasn't a good traveling bike. and the pipes burnt shit up,do a 1000 miles with a back pack on,and then tell me it's awesome...
but after having such a good look,it's hard to turn yer back on it..

and more importantly,i have has ZERO desire to fuck with my bike,but after coming up with this 2 INTO 1 pipe scheme,i'm gettin kinda fired up! it's gonna go back further to keep stuff from catching heat,behind the sissy bar. i acheived what i wanted with last years bike,but have a couple of things i wanna do again. and this idea has got me stoked on the out come.

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