Monday, July 30, 2012


so me and some of the boys decided to roll 300 some miles to millwaulke to support the HOOD BUSH party/show. i'll say it was killer,rollin 30+ deep in a pack,full tilt blowing every light.IN FRONT OF THE FUZZ!! i guess in millwaulke if yer on a harley you can do whatever you want... sign me up. we rolled in friday and a big ass pre party was raging,entertainment supplied by the HAINTS and VALLEY BOYS! yea the are out of control..its cool to see how stoked the younger cats are on the scene,and making it happen. After blowing up the spots downtown,and turning black stripper clubs white,we grabbed some sleep. Saturday of the show..we roll out deep to a wierd fuckin motorcyle dirt pit,in the middle of the projects,i guess thats why it's called HOOD BUSH. it was a sweet dusty spot with dirt jumps and if you couldnt ride yer bike through this gnarly weren't gettin in.all bike shows should have this.. i set up with SHOW CLASS,tim is everywhere these days,ruling it. this was different than any "show" ive been too. it was more like,heres a cool spot,lets take it over.guerilla kinda deal. which was awesome and super D.I.Y. stylee.the VALLEY BOYS got good energy. i think the HAINTS won the jump ramp event. im so surprised no one made a trip to the hospital this weekend,it was full on craziness!

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  1. Turning black strip clubs white...... quote of the year.