Wednesday, August 1, 2012

the 1%ers of skateboarding

you wanna really get down with the link between skaters and bikers..look no further,FRED SMITH was the dude. growing up on the east coast i was able to witness a very important eera in skateboarding,the back yard vert ramp scene. you see,growing up in hicksville you couldn't kick flip on dirt and gravel roads,and in town,skateboarding WAS a crime! i first saw FRED in OCEAN CITY at the vert ramp,and i was trippin on LSD. LSD and hugh vert ramp don't mix for me,so i was just watching that day. Fred rolls up,Fully tattooed and ripping it sketch style,slappin the tail on everything. I was probably 13 and he made a BIG impression on me. he rode a harley,blasted tattoos and was pretty much a nomad. Does anyone remember THE Loud Ones? or E.C.T.T.? these were early skate gangs,like JAKS,but on the east coast and pretty much modeled after the clubs in there areas. i never get sick of these pics,and Fred Smith is still a fuckin hero!

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  1. RAGE FOREVER DIE NEVER!!!!! a true ruler! nice post.