Thursday, September 23, 2010


drawing by SNOW
i remember when it was said they wee gonna try to "mass produce" this bike/configuration. 17 g's i think. this was back when H-D had a waiting list out the door and when the "RUBS" first started to arrive on the scene. little did PSYCHO CYCLES know this style would eventually be mass produced in home shops across the country

the SNOW years of IRONHORSE were killer,it's been said over and over. but how did they get away with all that shit. BIKER LIT CRIT,and endless words just brutalizing the RUB'S and H-D in general? i think H-D pulled there back page ad that they had rented for years. some insight is,the publishing company that owned IH at the time was strictly concerned with one thing,PORN! yep,they could care less about what IH was doin.remember flippin the pages and coming across penis pump ads? or Russian mail order bride? and being like..WTF is goin on here? those ad spaces were the ones that paid the bills,as long as those ads were there,the publishing company didn't give a fuck what was goin on in BIKER LIT CRIT land. i will say SNOW had a vision,and it is still taking shape today. he ushered in PUNK ROCK style biker shit,taking it from the lame ass RUB/EVO land that it was heading. yea it was crude,rude and border line crazy at times,but the SNOW years helped what we have now.

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